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Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling
Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer
Aged 42, Male, Malaysian

Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling was appointed to the Board of Directors on 06 May 2016 as the Executive Director of the Company On 16th November 2016, Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling was redesigned as the Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling worked in ING Insurance Company as group sales manager since 1998. It is in the year 2003 when Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling stumbled upon the opportunity and begun his business venture in Real Estate Agency business. Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling had vast experience in property industry.

He worked as Ex-head of marketing at Centrelised Realty and marketing consultant at Juste Land Company in 2003. After that, he had served for Rega Home as Ex-head of marketing and soon became marketing consultant in JYMS Properties, Nice Properties, ZYG Property, Home Realty in 2004 and YL Realty in 2009. In 2010, Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of GS Realty Sdn Bhd and currently he served as Director of GS Realty Sdn Bhd.

Currently, Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling oversees the entire business development, corporate affairs and personally executes the strategic business planning for the Group. His foresight and entrepreneur skill will be the main driving force for the Group’s future.

He has attended one (1) Board Meetings held in the financial year ended 31st August 2016.

Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling directly holds 36,745,200 shares of the company.

Dato' Sri Kee Soon Ling has no family relationship with any director of the Company. He has no conflict of interest with the Company and has no conviction for offences within the past ten years other than traffic offence.

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