Moulded Timber Products

NWP Group moulded timber products are machined in accordance to specific profiles (shapes) using the latest technology to ensure superior finishing and quality.

Decking Material Ready For Shipment

Our interior decorative timber-moulding such as astragal, base, base shoe, casing, cove, crown, rails, rounds, stops and strips, mainly used in buildingĄ¯s interior, are the premier choices of our buyers, architects, interior designers and discerning artisans who appreciate uncompromising beauty and quality. Quality interior timber moulding adds a perfect finishing to any interior, radiating warmth that only a material such as natural wood could provide. The simplicity of wood moulding effortlessly draws together the feel and structure of a room, enhancing the beauty and splendor of a living environment. We can offer various timber species such as Red Meranti (Seraya), White Seraya, and other species as per customers requests.

The durability of our hardwood moulded exterior timber products such as floorings and decking, as used in external area such as garden, beach, etc., lies in choosing the high performance materials or wood species. We produce our moulded exterior products from specially selected and graded hardwood sawn-timber such as Belian, Selangan Batu, Merbau, Kapur, Keruing, and other species on demand. Our products have been designed to last, ensuring low maintenance, and for your hassle-free enjoyment. Our exterior timber moulding has the value where aesthetic beauty and functionality meet in perfect harmony. It is as practical as it is pleasing to the eye, an area for dining, entertaining and for children to play in. A real alternative to concrete patios and paving, for both ground level and raised decks. Not only can our moulding enhance your indoor and outdoor-living space, it can add to the value of your home or commercial buildings.

Decking Profile

Laminating Process


Decking Moulding

With our comprehensive range of machineries, including moulder, finger-joining machine, and laminator, we can produce any solid, finger-jointed, moulding both for interior and external uses.

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