AD/KD Sawn Timber

Our main sawmill, located on six acres of land and with a built-up area of 118,400 sq. ft., is adjacent to our moulding plant. It is a modern sawmill that processes various species of prime sawn-timber, both for the export and local markets. With a ¡®PONY¡¯-saw that can do precision sawing of sawn timber, combined with our skilled and experienced sawmill-workers, we are able to supply prime sawn timber to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. We specialize in prime timber species such as Red Seraya, White Seraya, Yellow Seraya, Selangan Batu, Belian, Kapur and Keruing but also undertake any request for other popular species as well. Our sawn timber can be kiln-dried (KD) or air-dried (AD), as per buyers¡¯ specifications.

Packing of Profile Moulding

Sawn Timber

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