Sustainability Report

The Board remains committed to develop business in a sustainable and responsible manner and endeavor to strike a balance between business profitability and corporate social responsibility towards environment and social obligations. Sustainability is an integral part of our business model embedded with long-term profitability
by mandating the management of economic, environmental and social (“EES”) risks in our business.


Business ethics and integrity are the most important core value of NWP’s culture. NWP is committed to acting ethically in all aspects of our businesses; constantly and vigilantly promoting integrity, honesty, fairness, accuracy and transparency. This applies across NWP and its subsidiaries.

We support local suppliers through purchase of local products and services. We also promote local products to overseas agents and customers which indirectly creates economic opportunities locally.


The Group understands that its business operations would have an impact and implications on the environment. We constantly review and monitor our operations to make positive contribution to the environment, economic and social well-being of our stakeholders, employees and the broader community.

At operation facilities, machinery and equipment are maintained in good working condition to ensure minimal emission and environmental impact and wastes are disposed of in a proper and compliant manner.

In office, the Group adopts a “Go Green” policy. Where possible, paper stationery and materials are to be recycled and reused. Unwanted paper materials are collected for recycling purposes.
Staffs are encouraged to fully maximize the benefits of information technology for communication and record keeping. Hard copies of documents are generated on a need basis only.


We recognize our employees as one of the most important assets in the Group. As such, the Group continuously create a safe, please and conducive working environment for its employee. We provide equal employment opportunities and promote workplace diversity to build an inspiring working environment.

We are committed to maintain high safety and health standards within our Group. Health and Safety committee is established and responsible to cultivate safe working practices. We have also conducted Health and Safety training and briefings for our employees on frequent basis. are conducted

We believe in continuous learning and self-improvement. We invest in human capital development through training and coaching, either internally or externally. Our employees are equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies which required for them to work effectively in current volatile economic environment.