Tan Wye Chuan

Tan Wye Chuan

Executive director
Aged 38, Male, Malaysian 

Mr. Tan Wye Chuan is the Executive Director of the Company, appointed of the Board of Directors on 6th July 2022.

Mr. Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia) from RMIT University Melbourne Australia. Subsequently, Mr. Tan embarked the journey of entrepreneurship and co-founded several hospitality related business.

Mr. Tan currently sits on the Board of Fast Energy Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Techfast Holdings Berhad) as Executive Director.

Mr. Tan is the son of Dato’ Tan Lik Houe, the Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Company and he is brother of Ms. Tan Jyy Yeen, the Executive Director of the Company.