Auro Holdings Berhad

Wong See Ming
Executive Director
Aged 52, Male, Malaysian

Mr. Wong See Ming is an Executive Director of the Company On 16th November 2016, appointed by the Board on 16 April 2018.

Mr. Wong See Ming obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Professional Accounting, and also in Management Information System, both from the Eastern Washington University, United States of America.

He started his working career at the young age of 24 in the wood-based industry. He was later involved in the plantation sector and palm oil refinery, besides having gathered experience in the high technology sector of fibre optic, and satellite tracking information services

Being a strong advocate of caring for the future of the environment, Mr. Wong has vast knowledge in sustainable forest management and reduced-impact logging method that was garnered from his direct involvement and experience in logging activities and forest management. In total, he has more than twenty-four years of experience in the timber industry, palm oil industry, and other investment sectors.