Auro Holdings Berhad

Mr. David Yew Onn Chong
Aged 65, Male, Malaysian

Mr. David Yew Onn Chong is the Chairman of the Company, appointed to the board of Directors on 30th August 2021.

Mr. Yew Onn Chong completed his secondary education at SMJK Katholik Petaling Jaya. The next four years after completing his secondary education, he helped out his family’s business involving traditional Chinese medicine.

The experience garnered in his family’s business from the beginning has ignited his interest in starting his own business where he ventured into the used car dealership business under the name of Syarikat Jaya Motor. Having acquired more entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, he diversified his business to the import and distribution of Household Appliances when he spotted the opportunity in the direct selling industry which was then still in its infancy. The name of the Company handing the import of Household Appliances was Syarikat Asa Trading and for the distribution was Syarikat Gemini Trading.

As a fledgling and adventurous businessman, Mr. Yew Onn Chong then made his foray into investing in properties. Along the way he managed to gain the knowledge of the legal framework of buying and selling of properties, property investment condition and the intricacies of the property market environment as a whole. He then realized that there were bright future in the real estate agency business and he started his own real estate agency during that time. When the board valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents was established to regulate real estate agents practices in Malaysia, Mr. Yew Onn Chong got himself registered with the board as a qualified Real Estate Agent.

Mr. Yew Onn Chong is currently an Executive Director GS Realty Sdn. bhd.. GS Realty Sdn. bhd. is ranked as one of the largest Real Estate Agencies in Malaysia. The success of GS Realty Sdn. bhd. is attributed to the visionary of Mr. Yew Onn Chong.

He also holds position in the following local associations and schools:-
1. President of Persatuan Char Yong Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan
2. President of Persatuan Char Yong Li Chee Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan
3. vice President of Persatuan Chha Yong Fay Choon Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan
4. Assistant Honorary General Secretary of Federation of Taipu (Chha Yong) Association Malaysia
5. Director of the Association of Kwong Tong Cemetery Management Kuala Lumpur
6. Director of the board of SJK (C) Nan Kai
7. Honorary Treasurer of SJK (C) Kung MinDavid