Veneer Roll & Veneer Wrapping

Veneer Roll

Pieces of sliced face-veneer are matched with its unique color and grain pattern. It is then finger-jointed to form a continuous veneer-roll, backed with a layer of fleece, and sanded to thickness of 0.35mm-0.5mm. The veneer roll is made suitable for profile wrapped moulding and edge banding.

Species available for the veneer roll are: –

  1. Imported species – American Red Oak, Cherry, White Oak, Maple, Beech, and others.
  2. Local Species – mainly Agathis, Merbau, and Red Meranti. Other species are also available upon request.

With our veneer-roll machine, we can also supply veneer rolls for other wood-related industries such as the furniture and mouldings industry. Our veneer rolls are processed according to customers’ specifications.

Profile Veneer - Wrapped Moulding

In profile veneer-wrapped moulding, finger-jointed and/or laminated moulding is wrapped with a good-looking layer of selected veneer, e.g. by using a top-layer of American original Red or White Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry or any customized specification by customer. This will give the dual advantages of making the final product to the required specific length and, externally, looks exactly like solid moulding.